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11 Oct 2018

Keuntungan dari Keterlambatan

MELIHAT kesuksesan Snapcart yang dalam tiga tahun telah memperluas operasional ke Brasil, orang tentu kagum pada Reynazran Royono. Terlebih, sukses itu diraihnya dalam usia relatif muda yang belum memasuki ‘usia kepala empat’. Sosok Rey panggilan akrabnya pun seperti mewakili citra sukses pengusaha masa kini. Muda, pintar, dan sukses. 

Media Indonesia

11 Oct 2018

Reynazran Royono Membaca Pelanggan dari Setruk Belanja

SEUSAI berbelanja, kebanyakan orang akan membuang setruk yang mereka terima dari kasir. Kalaupun disimpan, setruk itu umumnya hanya sementara untuk mengecek kesesuaian perhitungan kasir ataupun mencari kemungkinan adanya produk bonus dari barang yang dibeli. 


26 Jul 2018

Beyond Amazon Go: 3 Companies Driving the Future of Retail in Asia

Retail-tech is alive and well in Asia – you just need to know where to look When it comes to retail tech, Silicon Valley gets all the attention. Amazon, for example, debuted its first Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. It employs a system of cameras to track what customers pick up,… View Article


17 Jul 2018

Cannes Academy Spotlight: Meet Teresa Condicion, Co-Founder of Snapcart

This week, as part of the Inclusive Innovation series we announced this spring, we’re interviewing Teresa Condicion of Snapcart: a company that provides brands with valuable insights around offline shopping behavior. We chatted with the Co-Founder about building analytics company in Southeast Asia, the obstacles of being a woman in tech, and her secret weapons. On… View Article

Digital News Asia

11 Jul 2018

Snapcart turns receipts into cash

Uses optical character recognition, machine learning algorithms to mine data Aims to broaden market to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam IF YOU are a brand trying to gain insights into the Southeast Asian market, you will be met with a lot of challenges due to the scattered retail landscape that is also often offline and hard… View Article

Techwire Asia

9 Jul 2018

This is why your retail data is inaccurate

DATA can provide you with valuable insights on your customers. For retailers, however, most data is out of date or totally irrelevant because 99 percent of retail transactions are offline. This poses a huge problem for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. FMCGs need to anticipate the changes in demand at the stock keeping unit (SKU) level, as… View Article