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Snapcart is a fast-growing start-up founded on September 2015 in Indonesia. Hailed as the most innovative consumer start-up by Accenture Consumer Innovation Award on April 2016, our company is expanding across South East Asia starting from the Philippines on August 2016, Brazil on October 2017 and Singapore on February 2018. Our vision is to be the most innovative, fastest-growing, market research company providing real-time data analytics, fast & accurate, supported by advanced technology - OCR & AI based machine learning, that gives topnotch actionable insights for brands and revolutionizing the market scene.

We are backed by prominent venture capital firms across the globe including Vickers Venture Partners, Social Capital, Kickstart Ventures, Endeavor Catalysts, SPH Ventures, Wavemaker Partners, SMDV and many more.


  • Fast-track learning — everyone grows together with us, the fast paced environment makes us a fantastic place to learn and grow. You can expand your role to any function you want to involve in.
  • Level of influence — you have no idea how valuable suggestions and influences you can have in help shape what we will be in the future, everyone has a chance to play a key role.
  • High-level opportunities fast — we give opportunities to everyone and promote fast based on performance, we don’t care if you’ve been with us for 1 year or 6 months or 5 years, it’s all about your motivation, aspiration and performance.
  • Work transparency — we are at the opposite end of a bureaucratic organization, every function knows what each other is working on, what new features to be added, what struggles we are facing, what clients say about us, and most of the things that goes on around you if you choose to learn more.
  • Freedom and flexibility — we don’t care about 9-5 or face time or work from home, we trust our people to get work done and do it well.
  • Chance to make a change — this is where you come to disrupt the current traditional industry you believe is inefficient, this is where you can make a big change with the work that you do.
  • Real ownership and results — anyone can come up with idea, execute, get feedback, test again, and report results. You own what you initiate and you see direct result.