Out with the Old, In with the New Snapcart

Snapcart has recently launched a new version of its  mobile cashback application for their users in Indonesia and The Philippines. The new version of the application is letting its loyal users to upload their grocery shopping receipts more often, therefore giving them more chances to get more cashbacks. The new cashback system within this latest version will give cashbacks regardless of the grocery items the users bought, as oppose to the old system where the cashback is based on the available promoted products.

“Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time.” – James Dimon


The new cashback system within the latest version of the app is now based on the total amount of purchase stated on the receipts. This will ensure the users’ ease and convenience in gaining more money without having to look for and buy specific promoted items shown on the application. In addition to the purchase-based cashback system, the new app is also giving more cashbacks for the users through the multiplier level scheme. This exciting scheme is set to drive more users’ loyalty and activity for the app, as it will reward users who routinely upload their receipts through users levels, in which every time a user steps up a level, the amount of cashbacks will multiply.

New Snapcart UI
The new Snapcart user interface available in The Philippines.

At the moment, there are five user levels; Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more frequent a user upload his/her receipts, the faster they go up the levels and the more cashbacks they will get. For now, when a user have reached the Platinum level they will be given twice the amount of cashbacks as those on Regular level. For example, a user on Regular level can get IDR 1,000 worth of cashback from one receipt, and if the same user have reached the Platinum level, they can get IDR 2,000 cashback from one receipt. However, the exact amount of cashback a user can get depended on the amount of their purchase.

As previously mentioned, the user levels are based on the frequency of users’ receipt uploads. Therefore if a user has fallen down on their frequency, they will automatically step down the levels when the system is refreshing itself on a weekly basis—encouraging the users to upload at least one receipt per day. Apart from the new cashback system, the new app still maintains its bonus features like the in-app game of wheel-of-fortune, Snaptastic, and Surveys, Videos, Pro-Hunt, and Selfie Challenge, where users can gain more cashbacks outside the receipt uploads.

In The Philippines

The new version of Snapcart with its new cashback system is already up and running in the country. All Filipino users can now enjoy the benefits of the new cashback system and are strongly recommended to update their Snapcart application with the new version.

In Indonesia

The new version of Snapcart is only available to selected users. Snapcart is releasing the new version in this manner as a way to reward the loyal users in the country. On the back-end of it, the users in Indonesia who are given exclusive access to the new version will serve as a control group for the data analytics. This control group can provide extra information on shoppers’ behaviors and brand analytics, which, for instance, can be very useful for brands as they will be able to see how effective their promotion efforts are going. Such information can be produced through a before-and-after-promotion purchase habits which can be tracked via the control group. This means that Snapcart is now able to provide more in-depth insights on brands’ promotional efforts on top of the multitudes of information that the company can already produce.

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