It’s Time to Do the Chores

The home/electric appliance industry in Indonesia is currently growing. The revenue in this sector is expected to reach US$ 866 million by 2020, with annual growth rate of 15,7 percent from 2020 t0 2025. And as a result, this sector is expected to have a market volume up to $1,798 million by 2025 [1]. Moreover, the Indonesian Information Portal also reported that in 2022, this sector’s development has been recorded above the national economic growth [2].

However, despite the positive growth of this business, we still often see people in Indonesia use traditional tools to do some household chores. So in order to know more about Indonesian consumers’ ideality in using household gadgets, in August 2022 Snapcart conducted two studies with 4.500 samples and 5.000 samples, and here are the results.

From 4.500 samples, our survey figured out that majority of Indonesians do household chore that they dislike most by themselves, especially for people aged 26-36 years old (61%) and 37-47 years old (58%) as represented by graphic below. And from the infographic above, we can also see that for Indonesian people, ironing clothes is the most hated activity among various kinds of chore.

Moreover, in doing unpleasant chore(s), 37% people are still using traditional (non-electronic) equipment and 49% usually use one kind of electronic tool, where clothes washing machine is their most favourited household gadget that they often usem which they think has helped them a lot.


However, even though some people are still using traditional household tools, but if someday there is any new more modern electronic device which can be very helpful for them, 95% of our respondents are interested to use it. Meanwhile for those 5% who are uninterested, the price of electronic equipments is the main reason why they choose “no” as an answer.


The Era of Modernization

Despite the fact that Indonesian people still can not be separated from traditional equipments in their daily life, but interestingly, from our second study with 5.000 samples, 4.451 people confessed that they own at least 1-3 electronic tools in their house, 538 of them even have more than 3 electronic tools, while only 11 people who don’t have any home/electric appliance. And aside from clothes washing machine and/or other electronic tools that are frequenly used, refrigerator and rice cooker are two household gadgets that most Indonesians have in their house.


Not only having home/electric appliance(s), from our first survey we also found out that 80% Indonesians are also planning to upgrade their household gadget(s). And majority of them (70% female & 60% male) would like to do it so they can do chores more easily.

Furthermore, most people (71%), which is dominated by SES middle (73%) usually upgrade their home/electric appliances once every more than 5 years. And interestingly, the ones who upgrade their household gadgets very often (once every few months) are mostly by those who come from SES lower, while most people from SES upper do it often enough (once every 1-2 years).


Despite the fact that most Indonesians are upgrading their household gadgets rarely, but more than half population (51%) have used and/or bought new home/electric appliance(s) with new/innovative usage(s). And majority of them (43%) did it after seeing ads from social media.

However, as we can see from the infographic above, even though majority of people just used and/or bought new electric appliance(s), but all our respondents confessed that there is a household gadget that they still really wish to have. And among various electronic tools that people want to own, air fryer and dish washer are the most desirable items for them.

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[2] https://indonesia.go.id/kategori/editorial/5625/menyiapkan-industri-elektronika-yang-berdaya-saing?lang=1

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