Snapcart: Revolutionizing the way Brands Connect with Shoppers through Real-Time Insights

“Snapcart is the only solution in Southeast Asia that helps brands measure the true ROI of their media spend”

The modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. The role of data is to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, trends and statistical numbers.

Snapcart provides real-time offline shopper and consumer insights for brands. Through its receipt-scanning cashback mobile application, Snapcart collects billions of data points at an individual shopper level, an unprecedented level of data granularity in the market research industry. This brings brands much closer to a holistic understanding of shopper than ever before. 

Snapcart can identify optimal promotion level to maximize revenue, help evaluate media spend effectiveness, deep dive unto purchasing habits, and many more. it is recognized globally and hailed as the top 22 most disruptive companies in the world by Disrupt 100. Moreover, Snapcart has partnered up with over 75 fast-moving consumer goods companies globally. 

The company was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

Snapcart: Broad Overview


Three years ago, four executives turned entrepreneurs after decades of experiences in the consumer goods industry. they set out to solve offline data gap they experienced in their days with the mission to leverage technology to help brands grow. they were frustrated with the delay in the data gatherings and how little they know about their shoppers beyond the existing survey-based data and estimates. while on the other side of the retail spectrum, the tech-based companies and online retail players have all access to large bank of users’ data that the offline counterparts can only dream of. Therefore, it is in the particular gap that these executives saw the opportunity to fill in by joining forces and create Snapcart.  

Identifying Optimal Promotion Level

All of Snapcart’s solution are based on key main advantages for brands:

In-depth, Real-time, Integrated shoppers insights 

  • Single source panel: Track and Stitch any type of data to measure effectiveness including surveys, videos, digital ads exposure, TV ads exposure, etc.
  • Real time data update: Weekly data update for fast decision making. Monitor change in behavior, sentiments, market share, etc.
  • Segmentation Flexibility: Help you see whatever breaks you need based on any combination- chain, format, segment, geography brands, etc.

Customer Analytics and Retail Tracking (CART) Insights: CART helps answer your business questions with the right level of insights in real time basis, from pricing strategy to spending optimization, to get the highest return on your investment. This solution offers a simple to use dashboard with easily customizable reports for your specific business needs.

Targeted Audience-based Survey & Crowd Sourcing (TASC) Studies: TASC survey provides behavior-based and accurate targeting capability by combining different data sources: purchase history, demographic profile, device data and GPS location. TASC can be used for any type of studies including brand health tracking, campaign effectiveness, or new product launch. 

Offline Tracking and Measurement Solutions (OPTI): Snapcart is the only solution in Southeast Asia that helps brands measure the true ROI of their media spend. 

The company’s single source panel allows it to stick millions of receipts purchase data to any other data points including digital media ads, print ads, product samplings and many more to allow brands to measure effectiveness and offline purchase conversion from the top of the funnel with the goal to optimize spending’s.

Capturing the Real Data  

Shoppers Snap Photo of Their Receipts: Snapcart app has one of the highest retention and engagement rates, allowing us to collect much more information than traditional consumer panels. 

Extract Item- Level Data from Receipts: The app extracts every item on the receipts, collecting SKU names, prices, volumes, promotions, discounts, payment methods, branch location, store name, time of purchase and total value.

Shoppers are Fully Profiled: Shoppers fill in demographics survey questions and the app triangulates all other information including basket content, social media, device, geo-location and many more accurately profile our shoppers. 

Additional Survey for Richer Insights: Shoppers receive targeted surveys asking relevant questions at the right time, giving us insights into the why questions. 

Future Roadmap:

Snapcart aims to become the most reliable offline data solutions company, working with clients in multiple sectors from market research to cloud marketing with a combined total addressable market of more than 500 Billion USD worldwide. Snapcart currently operates in four countries within Southeast Asia and Latin America: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Brazil, establishing in global presence. The company plans to spread its wings across the continents. 

 Reynazran Royono: A brief background

ReynazranRoyono, Founder/CEO: Reynazran Royono is experienced in Consumer Goods, Consulting, and Technology. He held leadership roles at Proctor & Gamble, The Boston Consulting Group, and was the CEO of Berniaga.com Mr. Royono loves travelling, eating and, and is a skilled online gamer. 

“Through its receipt scanning app, point-of-sale app and property machine learning SKU predications, Snapcart collects billions of data points on an individual shopper and retail level”

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Source: https://thesiliconreview.com/magazine/profile/snapcart-revolutionizing-the-way-brands-connect-with-shoppers-through-real-time-insights



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