Staying Healthy With Technology

The use of health tech apps have slowly picked up, especially during the pandemic where commuting is discouraged. With offerings such as online health resources, medicine delivery, and even specialized services such as home COVID-19 tests, let’s see how Indonesian respondents answer when asked regarding this innovation.

With one of the oldest names, HaloDoc, being founded as early as 2016, it is interesting to note that although 86% respondents are familiar with health tech apps, only 53% have answered that they’ve actually used it. Reasons are quite various, with the top one being that they feel like they don’t need it yet. 

Being one of the oldest, HaloDoc is definitely one of the most used, with 71% of respondents having used them, followed by Alodokter. Interesting to note as well that although the many health tech apps available now offers various features and capabilities, only the online doctor consultation is being used by 80% of the respondents who’ve used health tech apps. Medicine delivery is only being used by 28% of the respondents, albeit being in a time where ordering everything by delivery – mostly by ride hailing apps – is becoming a norm.

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