Monitoring COVID-19

The new normal – what does it entail? For some, it means that mandatory testing for COVID-19 has become an unavoidable part of life. And even for the other, activities such as traveling and doctor’s visits may require a recent test result as a prerequisite. Hence, test accessibility has become a concern, and in response to that there are various ways people can get tested for COVID-19. We ask Indonesian consumers regarding their experiences with COVID-19 testing, and this is what we found.

Within the last 3 months, 54% answered that they’ve gotten tested for COVID-19. Interesting to note though that 79% out of those who haven’t gotten tested in the last 3 months, has never gotten tested at all during the pandemic, with the top reason being they never needed it, or at least never felt they did. With 40% of them also answering that they never get out of home anyway, it might make sense, as during the pandemic there is an increase in workplaces adopting the work-from-home policy that also reports little to no decrease in productivity due to it[1]. Out of everyone who had ever gotten tested, what were their reasons? While 38% are saying that they do it as a requirement to travel domestically, 31% do it out of their own initiative!

How about you? Have you ever gotten tested for COVID-19? For what purpose?

[1] Working from home could become new normal post-pandemic

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