For The Love of Food

Despite the relative shift to home-cooking in Indonesia during the pandemic, there are still cases where we can see people dining out: whether it is through health protocols being enforced in the restaurants, or dining in their own cars. Knowing that the pandemic is still at large and daily numbers of confirmed cases still above 3000[1], what are the reasons people have begun to dine out in restaurants again?

How Many Of Us Do?


Most of the respondents still mention that they primarily eat home-cooked food, so the number of respondents who are likely to dine out remains a minority.

However, when we ask the respondents who rarely eat home-cooked meals whether they have dined in a restaurant during the pandemic, 65% said that they have. So we come back to the main question: what are the reasons for them to do so?

Stuck at home

Most of the respondents cited that being bored at home is the main reason they decided to dine in a restaurant, even during the pandemic. It has been almost a year since the pandemic started, and with the tight social distancing measures and outdoor restrictions, it is expected that people will start to feel frustrated. There are also some that said they wanted to support restaurant businesses and that is understandable since the restaurant industry is one of the industries that are hit the hardest during this pandemic[2].

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[2] Hotel, Restaurant Industry in Indonesia Loses $4.8b Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

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