Insight: Upcoming Online Sales in Indonesia During The Pandemic

With the end of the year in sight, there’s one thing that online consumers look forward to, and that’s the upcoming mega online sales. In Indonesia, there are many ways to call it: most call them ”Hari Belanja Online”/Online Shopping Day (sometimes adding “Nasional”/National to the moniker). It’s quite commonly known that within these periods: 10 October (10.10), 11 November (11.11), 12 December (12.12), and sometimes the days before and after those dates, there are massive promotions and sales going on that will attract online shoppers from across the country looking for deals and bargains. A Nielsen research on Harbolnas 2019 (“Hari Belanja Online Nasional”/National Online Shopping Day) on the 12th of December 2019 shows that the transaction value within that period surpassed 8 billion IDR [1], showing how big these days are for both online shoppers and e-commerces.

But with the current pandemic hitting 2020, how are consumer’s outlook towards the upcoming mega online sales? On one side, online shopping penetration has increased during the pandemic, as shown in our previous research. On the other side, sentiments towards economic prospects has been consistently low during the pandemic. So we ask Indonesian consumers regarding their plans for the upcoming mega online sales.

(This research was done prior to the 10.10 online sale)


Respondents are quite split on whether they’d shop on more than one of the online sale dates, or only one. The consideration for the latter is mainly because with low sentiments towards economic prospect, we assume that spending tendencies will be relatively lower. However, the number of people who said that they would shop on more than one online sale date is slightly higher at 54%.

Even though economic prospect sentiment is quite low, the result shows that the upcoming mega online sales can still motivate respondents to shop online with 85% saying that they’re motivated to shop online knowing that the online sales are coming up.


When we asked respondents who would shop only on one online sale date: which online sale date they would shop on, most answered that they would shop only on the closest upcoming date which is the 10th of October (10.10). It will be interesting to find out why most chose the closest date and why the furthest date is actually picked the least.

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[1] Lampaui Target, Transaksi Harbolnas 2019 Tembus Rp 9,1 Triliun 

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