Gender Myths and Facts in Indonesia

There are many myths and certain stereotypes in our society, especially when it comes to gender diversity. However, according to some studies, not all myths/stereotypes amongst us are absolutely right.

For example, this whole time, many people think that Indonesian women are obsessed to have “bright” skin whilst Indonesian men often care less about their looks. Nevertheless, our latest study discovered the otherwise; we found out that males have higher expectation to have fair and glowing skin after using skincare rather than females [1]. Furthermore, many stereotypes around this world say that automotive and technology are mostly for men. While in fact, several studies discovered that the buyers of vehicles, technology products, workshop tools, are mostly women.

In order to find the truth behind various gender stereotypes, in May 2023 Snapcart conducted a research about male & female consumers’ habits, hobbies, and their favorite things. Let’s take a look at our findings.

From 2.024 respondents (50% male & 50% female), our research figured out that indeed some stereotypes among genders in society are correct. But for hobbies, taste, and shopping behaviors, certain stereotypes are not completely true.

For examples, in automotive items ownership, those who have private vehicle(s) and drive it are indeed mostly men, meanwhile majority of women prefer to own and ride matic rather than manual motorbike, just like what the stereotypes have told us this whole time. Nevertheless, in choosing what kind of car types/models, most women choose to buy and drive a “manly” car model like sedan, and the percentage numbers of women who have sporty cars are equal as men.

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Other intriguing facts are also found in the fashion industry and gaming activities.

Almost everyone think that women shops more often than men. However in this study, we discovered that the percentage of men and women who shop very often are equal (12% men & 12% women purchase fashion items more than twice in a month). Furthermore for taste in fashion, apparently nowadays some people are no longer wearing outfits based on certain stereotypes. In this research we discovered that semi formal outfits like kemeja, tuxedo, and blazer are now worn by women as well as men does, whilst bright coloured (pink, yellow, purple, red, etc) outfits also appealing not just for females, but for males too! You can see the details of the data on the infographic above.

Meanwhile for gaming activities, even though males play games very often more than females, but our female respondents confessed that they also play games as often as males do. And we can no longer say that certain games are for males or females only, because our data shows that certain games for guys are in fact played by most females whilst quite many males confessed that they also often play “girls” games.

Finally, when we come to the financial habit like investment for example, most gender stereotypes that related to this activity are true like the facts that majority of those who invest are men, and majority of women are more careful in doing it rather than men. But when it comes to investment types where many media sources say that men prefer to do short-term investment and women do the otherwise, our study has proven that this phenomenon is just a myth, as represented on the infographic above.

No Myth In Sports

In this research we discovered that certain myths in almost every life aspect & various industries are not 100% true. However, this phenomenon is irrelevant when it comes to sport.

All stereotypes like what kind of sports that men and women like, also the purpose of each gender why they do sport for examples, are matching with every stereotypes that we have heard this whole time.

Interested to prove the truth behind certain social phenomena or consumer’s psychology? Contact us at partners@snapcart.global .



[1] https://snapcart.global/local-or-imported-beauty-products-which-interests-indonesians-most/

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