How Did The Recent Inflation Affected Filipinos’ Purchases

Price plays a big factor for consumers when making their decisions on their purchases. With the recent inflation hike of 5.7% and the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) which slowed down in 2nd quarter at 6%[1], did shoppers stick to their shopping habits? What are the categories they opt to set side for now?

According to survey data that was gathered by Snapcart through its in-app survey, most consumers would remain loyal to personal care but not on food and beverage brands. Majority of personal care buyers would stick to their preferred brand, and nearly 1 in 5 would rather switch stores than switch brands. Here is the full report.

[1]  https://www.rappler.com/business/209234-interview-jc-punongbayan-aj-montesa-on-philippine-economy.



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