Indonesian Customers’ Behavior During Qatar World Cup 2022

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is finally here. Lots of people from around the world are talking about this quadrennial event on social media. Following the hype, Snapcart conducted a study about Indonesian customers behavior during this big football event, and here is what we found.


With 1.689 samples, we figured out that majority of people in Indonesia (71%) are following and watching the world cup 2022’s matches, while 13% of our respondents confessed that they will watch Qatar World Cup 2022 only on the final match.

On the other side, our study also found out that most Indonesians love to watch the world cup 2022’s matches at home with their family, and 84% of them also love to be accompanied by certain food and/or beverages to complete the vibes.

Interestingly, despite the fact that snacks are the most favorite food for Indonesian people (31%) meanwhile fast foods become the least of choice (9%) to accompany them watching football matches, but 82% of Indonesians said that they buy the foods and/or beverages products through delivery services. This unique phenomenon might represent that the menu on food delivery services are no longer dominated by fast food anymore like it used to be.

Furthermore, 57% Indonesians confessed that the advertisements they see while watching the world cup 2022’s matches really affect them to consider what kind of food and/or beverage that they are going to consume during the ongoing or upcoming matches. This result is proven by McDonald’s as one of the official sponsors of Qatar World Cup 2022, where it becomes Indonesians’ most favorite among other 4 popular fast food restaurants that also provide delivery service.

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