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Phone balance usage in Indonesia is high due to a number of reasons. In Indonesia, 95% of internet users access them through their phones[1]. This means there is a significant amount of consumption for phone balance (pulsa) used to purchase data packages (albeit some options available to purchase said data packages on their own). This is in addition to the usage of phone balance for the standard calls and/or short messages, although a lot of those functionalities have been transferred to internet-based methods such as VOIP and chat messengers. In response to this, phone balance purchase options are numerous across the country, from ATMs to various phone balance kiosks. Minimarkets and convenience stores – which has served various purposes for Indonesians in the past few years, from logistics pick-up points to hang-out places – are also one of the more popular options. Let’s take a look at how Indonesians purchase their phone balances.

There is quite an even split between those who buy phone balance spontaneously and those who do so in a scheduled manner. Interesting to note, however, that preference for place of purchase is relatively similar for both groups, with dedicated phone balance kiosks still being the most popular. Also interesting to note that buying phone balance from e-commerce is now more popular than minimarkets and even mobile and e-banking channels.

How about you? How do you buy your phone balance?


[1]  Indonesian internet users hit 196 million, still concentrated in Java: APJII survey


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