New Phone?

The increase of smartphone penetration in Indonesia means an increase in smartphone ownership as well. With the various options available in the market, coupled with the continuous development of features and technology for it, it would mean that buying new phones are becoming an unavoidable part of our lives. However, consider as well how the pandemic has impacted a lot of us economically. We take a look at how current preferences are regarding smartphone purchases.

When asked whether or not they’ve bought a new phone during the pandemic. Indonesian consumers are split almost equally, with 48% saying yes and 52% saying no. This split is also shown when asked whether or not they have a preferred phone brand they always buy, with 47% saying they do and 53% saying they don’t. In general, phone buying behavior is quite utilitarian, with 86% saying that one of their reasons to buy new phones are due to the old one being broken or obsolete. Regarding brands itself, top brand by current phones owned are Samsung, with Apple being number 5 in the list. However, top brands by consideration for next phone purchase are topped by Apple, with 41% saying that they’re considering it..

How about you? Have you considered buying a new phone during the pandemic?

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