Out And About, Or Not?

Since the end of August 2021, PPKM/social and mobility restriction levels in Indonesia are starting to be lowered[1]. Albeit being done initially on certain regions only, public sentiment regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to grow towards positive, which is going to be further accelerated by the opening of many recreational activities previously closed due to said pandemic. We ask consumers regarding their current mobility ever since the lowered PPKM level, and here’s what we’ve found.

Though answers are a bit split, slightly more people prefer to keep it safe and still don’t go out more often than before during the pandemic. However, out of the 53% who said so, 80% of them are used to not going out often, even before the pandemic. For those who do go out more often, 94% said that they do so because the lowered PPKM level made them feel safer.

How about you? How has the lowered PPKM level made you feel?

[1] BREAKING NEWS: Jokowi Putuskan Beberapa Daerah Turun Level PPKM hingga 30 Agustus


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