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With the continuing growth of the number of gamers around the world[1], it’s only natural that events and fervor that involves it are also gaining momentum. One of them is the concept of e-sports – video gaming as a competitive event, in the spirit of sportsmanship. And especially now, when gaming together with people is easier than ever, the spirit of competition will only increase even more.

With the formation of organizations regarding e-sports such as IESPA (Indonesia E-Sports Association) in 2013[2], e-sports has now progressively become something that’s more professional. Yet, how do Indonesians now view e-sports in actuality?

In terms of awareness, a good amount of respondents are well aware of e-sports – 79% of them, to be exact. It’s interesting to know, however, that out of those who are NOT aware of what e-sports is, 56% of them are video game players.

In regards to sentiments, at least 53% like the idea of e-sports itself, which is shown by how 92% agree that e-sports should  be handled professionally like sports competitions. With the much higher sentiment on professional handling compared to the idea of e-sports itself (45% audience is still so-so to the concept), a potential conclusion might be that there is demand for professionalism in the handling and execution of e-sports itself before it can gain more positive sentiment from the public.

What do you think? Is the concept of e-sports a welcome new form of entertainment and competition that should be made even more professional?


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