Ramadan Activities During The Pandemic

Ramadan, aside from a time for Indonesians to spiritually recharge, is also a time of gathering and togetherness. Hence, it is interesting to see how the coming of Ramadan changes consumer behavior in Indonesia, whether it’s their tendency to eat out-of-home (which is also reflected in their spending, as can be seen in our previous article) and even the things they do online. And now, with the pandemic still in effect for the second year in a row, how does it affect the Indonesian consumer’s behavior?

Because of the pandemic, a lot of activities that are usually done offline before the pandemic have shifted online. An example would be zakat, a compulsory charity done at least once a year during Ramadan, whereas before the pandemic only 25% claimed they’ve done so online, have increased to 34% during Ramadan 2020, the first Ramadan during the pandemic. Another one, which is visiting families, especially during Eid al-Fitr, whereas before the pandemic only 25% have done so online, in 2020 34% have claimed to do so, quite a significant increase compared to before. Other activities includes Quran studies, Eid prayers, as well as other non-compulsory charities, have increased online adaptation, a necessity during the time of social distancing.

However, for this year, when we asked people whether or not they would attend a bukber (buka bersama, breaking fast together with friends and/or family members) invitation, 52% claimed that maybe they would go, and 21% would definitely go, despite the pandemic still happening. This might also be another sign of fatigue, as bukber is quite an iconic tradition of Ramadan in Indonesia, which can contribute quite significantly to their food & beverages expenses during the month as well.

Digital activities are now almost inseparable from apps, and Islamic religious activities are no exception: there are quite a number of available apps and social media available that caters to the needs of Moslems. 58% of consumers claimed that they have an Islamic social media or app that they access regularly, which can contribute as well to the steady shift towards digital for Ramadan activities during the pandemic.

How about you? What are your plans for Ramadan activities this year?

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(This study is done in partnership with RB Consulting)

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