Housewives Personas Deep Dive

Housewives is one of the Shopper Personas that we considered as unique and has a significant portion on our total user base, which is representative of Indonesia’s population. In our past article, Indonesia’s Shopper Persona, we separated four of major user persona as Housewives, Executives, Students and First – Jobbers. For Housewives persona, we grouped our user who’s a female, married/divorced, and with housewife work type.  This time we’re looking further into our receipt’s data for Housewives persona, and compared it with other persona, the Non-Housewives. Here’s what we got.Housewives Deep Dive

Insights and data are powered by Snapcart, the real time, multi-channel, big data analytics and engagement platform. Based on on receipt data collected between January 2016 – February 2017.


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