Watch, give, and get: why Snaptastic’s Video feature will drive your success like no other

Indonesia’s mobile video ad inventory has been reported to have notched up a 607% increase in 2014, and surged up to 1,635% in the second quarter of 2015. Countless amount of pre-roll videos, however,
does not guarantee that messages from advertisers and brands are received well by users. Pre-roll ads are allegedly loathed as much as pop-up ads, with a research claiming that
94% of people skip pre-roll ads. Another research, which focused on Snapchat’s user behaviors on video ads, discovered that 70% of users moved on by the three-second mark. The rise of ad blocking usage further adds to the possible decline of user engagement in advertisements.
On the other hand, incentive-based ad, a growing trend in 2016, may guarantee that advertisers and brands have better luck, while also fending off growing problems of ad fraud and viewability. Incentivized ads are commonly found in game apps, where watching video ads may grant the user health or coins. This can be gratifying, but utopian all the same. Now imagine video ads that give real incentives that adds more value in users’ lives. Snaptastic – Snapcart’s bonus feature that encourages users to collect rewards in the form of cash or Snap Points (points are used to participate in weekly rewards for even higher cashbacks) – now welcomes video as a new feature, alongside surveys and selfies. The user mechanism for this novel feature is as simple as these steps:

  • Watch video ads about brands in Snapcart. The videos uploaded are given as a choice and not compulsory to watch to those who wish to collect points, rather than imposing itself while users are using the app.
  • Give inputs by answering a survey given about the brand featured in the video. Every video will end with a set of questions, which is ideal should brands need first-hand user feedback and opinions regarding their products or their ads. The questions are mixed with a trivia to add a bit of fun and challenge into it.
  • Get 150 Snap points for every questions answered by the users. These points will then be added to the rest of the user’s points in order to be an eligible winner of the weekly Snaptastic.

There’s a reason as to why this type of advertising is quite successful. The points the user gets will certainly outweigh the cost of having to watch small 30-second videos, because the benefits that can come from those points are of greater value than a short amount of time.Survey

With this method, brands utilizing Snaptastic’s video feature will stay ahead of the game as they receive almost real-time feedback from their customers. Imagine publishing video ads shoppers would want to watch, ensuring shoppers understand the video’s content since they need to answer trivia questions, and to track conversions of how many shoppers buying the product after watching the video given Snapcart’s unique capability in reading receipts. The future possibilities of this featre are limitless. Ushering a new age of smart and creative advertising that was previously mostly found inside gaming apps. The three simple steps above are what it takes to combine video ads and surveys in the most enticing, and certainly non-coercive way to increase and to an extent, restore user engagement with advertisements. It’s as easy as watch, give, and get.


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