Two is Company: Snapcart and TrueMoney Collaboration

Collaboration has been done for centuries. It is the key of many success stories we know have happened throughout time. It encourages creativity and productivity; where refreshing innovations are constantly invented. But it serves an even more powerful presence, if it enlightens the lives of many. Thus, to continue the spirit of collaboration, on June 6, Indonesia’s leading cashback app–Snapcart–has joined forces with TrueMoney Witami to quintessentially redefine the meaning of convenience for their users and members.Snapcart True Money

TrueMoney Witami is an e-money and remittance service (or e-wallet) provider, which allows its members to do transactions via smartphone, alongside website, as a dedicated edc machine. This noteworthy collaboration comes in a form of an additional cashback alternative for Snapcart users through TrueMoney. The users of Snapcart, who are also  members of TrueMoney, can opt to get their cashbacks using the e-wallet alternative available under the Cash Out feature. This collaboration does not merely offers a new option, convenience for the users to do their daily transactions as there are a plethora of transactional features offered on TrueMoney also comes with it.

By opting for cashing out through TrueMoney’s ewallet service, Snapcart users are able to benefit from additional promotions, such as additional 20% cashback and the ability to cash out faster. This faster process for cashing out is made possible as the minimum cash out amount through this new option is reduced to Rp. 25,000 compared to the minimum amount Rp. 52,500 when cashing out through the normal cash back option.Snapcart True Money Cash Out

Furthermore, Snapcart users are more than welcome to enjoy extra perks from TrueMoney’s various and exciting features, namely:

  • Balance and transaction history check
  • Easy cash withdrawals
  • Money transfers
  • Payments for shopping at both offline and online merchants
  • Mobile top-up to all providers
  • Paying monthly bills such as electricity and even credit bills.  

Now, online transactions are not complete without practicality and safety. The use of TrueMoney’s e-wallet satiates those needs; as it is a practical and safe option, considering how every transaction done requires a dedicated PIN number or fingerprint. In addition to that, all transactions come with no monthly administration fee, with any transaction made below Rp 100,000 requiring a simple tap on a button.

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