Go Go Gadget!

Gadgets, which used to be clunky, expensive, and relatively hard to get, have now become an almost irreplaceable part of our lives. Smartphone users alone in Indonesia have reached 171.8 million in 2019, and are estimated to reach more than 250 million by 2025[1]. Indonesia itself comes fourth in the size of smartphone market worldwide after China, India, and the United States, making the variety of available choice of gadgets in the Indonesian market quite abundant. Hence, there are many ways you can get a smartphone in Indonesia. So how are Indonesian consumers split in their ways to buy gadgets?

From our respondents, 85% have bought gadgets on their own, showing that gadgets are now very easy to buy on one’s own. In regards to where they buy their gadgets, most of our respondents still prefer to buy on offline stores set up by brands themselves. In a way, this is in line with how even though gadgets are becoming more and more affordable, it is still a relatively big purchase, hence there needs to be a lot of window shopping as well as conversation between potential buyers and sellers/stores, and offline stores is still the most preferable facility for it. In regards to brand awareness, Samsung is still the top known amongst Indonesian consumers, with Xiaomi coming second and Oppo third.

How about you? Where do you usually buy your gadgets?

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[1] Statista: Number of smartphone users in Indonesia from 2015 to 2025

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