What Does Indonesians Think About Webinars?

With the pandemic still around, offline gatherings are still practically off-limits. Hence, seminars, which used to be an event where people can share knowledge as well as network, are also not going to be around much in the near future. For some of us who enjoy meeting new people as well as socializing with like-minded individuals, especially those that can help us in our careers and/or projects, this might sound like a death sentence, but an alternative is actually still available, even before the pandemic happened.

Webinars, or “seminars on the web” are practically online seminars which have been used for a while now as an alternative to hosting offline seminars. With practically no need for a venue as well as food and refreshments for the audiences, this has become the go-to alternative when hosting events during the pandemic.

But what do Indonesians think about webinars?

The main reason for Indonesians to not be interested in webinars is that they don’t know how to do so (32%). Knowing that webinars in itself have only become more common due to the pandemic happening, it is likely that most Indonesians are still getting used to this new technology and the infrastructures that support it. Time of event is also an issue: with offline seminars, we are expected to commute to the venue, which is usually something that can be arranged and scheduled, and of which are usually scheduled by the host to accommodate people’s other activities as well. With webinars, due to its convenience in attendance and hosting, it might still need time to adjust to people schedule during the pandemic, with one half still working from home, also taking care of housework, and the other half still needing to work from the office, where the availability to attend webinars can be limited.

Despite the difficulties, what are the most popular webinar topics for Indonesians? The number 1 spot is for self improvement (51%), with career closely behind it (49%). With a lot of people having more time on their hands, specifically those who are working from home either partially or fully, the pandemic can become some sort of turning point for them to pursue and reflect on their career and life goals, and so adjust accordingly in the knowledge that they consume. With ease of attendance as well, webinars are perfect for them to attend in between their daily schedules.

How about you? What do you think about webinars?

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