Some Like It Fast

With the world all around us going faster and faster, fast food is becoming more of a necessary option for Indonesians. Whether it’s due to having no time to cook at home, or needing to grab a meal between meetings or commutes, and even as a place to sit down and borrow some internet connection while working or studying, fast food restaurants have become inseparable from the lives of Indonesians, especially in the larger cities. But with the pandemic happening in 2020 and still going until now, how does it affect the average Indonesian’s current relationship with fast food restaurants?

At the time of the survey (April 2021), 44% people still answered that they usually consume fast food in the restaurant itself and not as takeaway/delivery. What’s also interesting is that 52% who prefer to do so is still consistent now during the pandemic,with all the social distancing efforts being enforced. The top reason of choosing to eat fast food is apparently due to having no food at home and/or doesn’t feel like cooking at 52% respondents, a slight shift from a previous study in 2014[1] that shows the main reason being needing something simple as a meal – this one is not at second top reason with 48% respondents. This might partly be due to a shift in behavior shown in our previous research, where home cooking tendency has increased during the pandemic since 2020 and now in 2021 people might have grown tired of it.

How about you? What are your main reasons for eating fast food during the pandemic, usually?

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[1] Nusaresearch: Report on Fast Food in Major Cities (February 2014)

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