Staycation Vacation

Staycations: a term now even more frequently used, due to travel limitations during the pandemic. Due to difficulties to travel between cities, as well as limited access to tourism spots and activities, booking a hotel and enjoying its amenities have become a form of vacation in itself that’s quickly gaining popularity. We ask Indonesian consumers what they think regarding this new trend, including whether or not they have participated in it.

More than half of Indonesian consumers have gone on a staycation during the pandemic, for various reasons – most popular one being to look for a change of scenery after working from home. There are thoughts regarding staycation as a side thought, perhaps as a break while also going somewhere else or taking care for other businesses, but when asked, only 22% mentioned that this is the case, meaning that people going on staycations on purpose are now quite common. It is also interesting to note how more than 80% states “likely” or “very likely” when asked whether or not they’ll go on a staycation again, even when the pandemic is over.

How about you? Have you tried or thought about going on a staycation?

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