Plans for Year End Online Shopping

Online shopping discounts at the end of year has always been a recurring event in Indonesia, and knowing that, it might be interesting to find out how Indonesian consumers plan their purchases around that knowledge. We ask our panels regarding their plans in the middle of 2021 on whether or not they’ve started planning for 2021 year end online discounts, and here’s what we found.



Responses regarding shopping habits on the year end online shopping discounts are relatively consistent, especially on those who are used to shopping online at those times. 91% of those who shopped on last year’s year end online discounts are planning to do so again this year, whereas for those who didn’t shop on last year’s year end discounts are still pretty split on whether or not they’re going to shop on this year end’s online discounts. However, it’s interesting to note that most still plans to only spent a little: 63% planned to spend less than Rp500.000 on this year’s year end online discounts, and it’s likely to be due to the relatively long time between now and the actual discount periods (September being the earliest), most still hasn’t planned on what to buy yet and hence are not yet planning a lot of funds for it.

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