What Was Put Away, Revisited

During the pandemic, plenty of new home businesses emerge, mainly due to the increased need for additional income due to the enacted social distancing policies and other limitations for existing businesses. There were also some who do it with an interesting reason: that due to social distancing measures, they now have more time at home so they can actually realize their passions and/or hobbies, which in turn ended up being something that can also yield additional income. So we tried focusing on that part now: do people end up realizing a lot of their previous passions, or simply did they find a new interest during the pandemic due to the current limitations we now face?

81% of consumers mentioned that they have taken up new hobbies during the pandemic, and from those who haven’t, 54% have at least planned it, albeit not yet realizing it due to various reasons (interestingly, main reason is not lack of money or time, but rather the lack of knowledge on how to start). Consistent with our last survey regarding new businesses, the top reason for picking up new hobbies during the pandemic are due to need for additional income, but it is not too far ahead from those who reasoned that they simply need something to entertain themselves while at home – or at least, while not going out too often.

How about you? Have you tried picking up a new hobby during the pandemic?

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