Cool Drinks

The Dalgona coffee is one of the latest additions to the long list of drinks being sought after by many Indonesian consumers in the past year or so. With a thriving cafe culture before the pandemic, added with their snacking habits: the demand for “cool” drinks in all of its forms are always interesting to find out. We ask Indonesian consumers regarding their latest preferences, and these are what we discovered.

Brown sugar coffees. Frappuccinos. Third wave coffees, especially ones made with locally sourced beans. Those, alongside the aforementioned Dalgona are only some of the variety of coffee and coffee drinks trending (or has trended) amongst Indonesian consumers. So it is no surprise that coffee drinks are still at the top of the list for drinks bought by most consumers in the last 3 months, at 48%. And that is constant for both male and female, different with, say, bubble tea/boba drinks that although are still very popular amongst female consumers at 48% buying them in the last 3 months, for male consumers only 25% of them bought it in the last 3 months.

How about you? What are your latest drinks of choice?

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