Working It Out : WFO or WFH?

Since the pandemic began, remote working culture continues to rise and many companies started to report benefits after its implementation [1]. There are talks on how remote working in Indonesia is going to continue until mid 2021 and maybe it will become a new normal in the long run[2]. Given various opinions on remote working effectiveness, we asked our respondents what they think about their current working arrangements and whether they prefer working remotely or in the office. 

Although many companies in Indonesia have started to implement work from home policy since March 2019 and COVID-19 positive cases have not slowed down, it seems that only 23% of our respondents are currently working from home. It is definitely considered a privilege for those 23% with jobs that allow for remote working since the majority still cannot. However, most people are satisfied with their current working conditions. 79% of those who are currently working in office preferred to work in office while 70% of those who are currently working from home preferred to do so. The latter preferred working from home due to having more time with family and saving time on commuting while those who preferred to work in office have better focus and better facilities in the workplace than at home. This is in line with the research that showed limitations on distribution of digital infrastructure is one of the main detractors of remote working[3]. However, it is also interesting to note that for those who are currently not working, 64% prefers to work from home.

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[1] Working from home could become new normal post-pandemic

[2] Indonesian Companies Considering Remote Work Until Mid-2021, or Even Forever


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