About Taking Care Of Yourself

Not going out of the house much is not an excuse to stop taking care of oneself. In fact, it is more important to do so to help us go through this period in good spirits. But how does Indonesians resupply their personal care needs during the pandemic?


There is a significant growth in online shopping activities for personal care products, with 50% saying that they buy their personal care products online during the pandemic, compared to only 27% before the pandemic. This increase shows both in Female and Male respondents, with the former growing from 33% to 55%, and the latter from 18% to 37%.


In general, the way our respondents purchase personal care products have shifted quite significantly. Purchase from minimarkets are down around 20% and from supermarkets are down around 13% during the pandemic, likely due to social distancing and lock down measures. All offline stores experienced declines, except online which is currently experiencing significant growth at 23% increase compared to before the pandemic. This is interesting, because according to our previous article, more respondents still prefer to shop groceries offline. This can actually reflect a slight difference between tendencies of grocery shopping as a whole compared to shopping for personal care products specifically.

With this online shopping growth, it is even more important for brands to be present online so that they can continue to engage with their customers. As ad spending needs to be more conservative during these trying times for most companies, it is extremely important for advertisers to be effective with spending. In Q2, 46% advertising buyers have adjusted their short-term spend and 24% have paused them entirely wherever possible [1].

Fortunately, digital advertising has a lot of options to promote effective spending, with demographic filters, lookalike audience creation, and more. And the great thing about digital advertising is that it allows small-scale budgets. Moreover, digital advertising opens up possibilities for relatively small-scale and highly efficient marketing campaigns that can help boost brand presence. With those considerations in mind, it is the perfect time to look into digital marketing for your brand.


[1] Coronavirus Ad Spend Impact: Buy-side

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