We Are The Champion: Snapcart Won Global Mobile Challenge 2016 Country Semifinal Indonesia

Today, Snapcart was announced to be the champion of Global Mobile Challenge (GMC) 2016 Country Semifinal Indonesia. The competition was part of the annual worldwide mobile app competition, Global Mobile Challenge 2016, with a penultimate final round that will be held in Barcelona in February next year. By winning the country semifinal, Snapcart will represent Indonesia for the next round of competition held in January next year, which is the Asia-Pacific Final Level in Singapore.

There were 141 Indonesian mobile apps that participated in the competition, and on 27 November 2016, Snapcart was chosen to be one of the 10 Indonesian applications to do a short presentation in front of panel of judges including Head of Operations from GEPI (Global Entrepreneur Program Indonesia) Joseph Adrian, Dicoding’s COO Kevin Kurniawan, and Digital Infrastructure Director of BEKRAF (Indonesia’s Body of Creative Economy) Neil El Himam. The decision of Snapcart to be chosen as the winner of this stage of competition was based on the five pre-requisites that the competition look in its participants: innovation, great impact to society, great user interface and experience, effectiveness, and great feature and application design.

Commenting on the competition, Snapcart’s Co-founder and CEO Reynazran Royono says, “The GMC 2016 Country Semifinal event is a great platform to further grow Indonesia’s developer community. We have to show to the world that Indonesia is able to cultivate technology talents that are not only able to flourish domestically, but also internationally.”



*image courtesy of GEPI

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