Electric (Vehicle) Feel

Electric cars are coming, or rather have come already albeit in limited capacity – one such example would be Blue Bird’s introduction of its first electric fleet back in 2019[1], as well as some availability of hybrid models by some automotive manufacturers in the country. It is only a matter of time before we will see even more widespread availability. Knowing this, how are Indonesian’s opinion regarding electric cars so far?

In general, interest is pretty high, but more so for consumers who already own personal vehicles at 69% – interest is actually lower for those who currently do not own personal vehicles at only 56%. Main reason for not being interested in electric vehicles? Relative concern towards costs in electricity, at 47% who are currently not interested stating that. And even for those who are interested, 49% stated that for electric cars they are expecting them to be priced at lower than Rp100 million and for electric bikes and scooters 71% expect them to be priced under Rp20 million, which means there are a lot of expectancy for lower cost compared to gasoline powered vehicles.

How about you? Are you interested in electric vehicles?

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[1] Blue Bird Introduces Indonesia’s First Fleet of Electric Taxis

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